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You deserve a beautiful website built on a strategy that actually translates to sales.

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We bake 15 years of experience and a proven marketing method right into your site to make sure your browsers convert to buyers.

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With a website that sells as you sleep, you can outpace the competition and grow for the long-term.

How much is an underperforming
site costing you?

We care about good design

We also care about you.

We get how frustrating it can be to hit a wall with your business — to know something is wrong but not be clear as to “what”. That’s why Squareknot has helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, pinpoint what’s not working in their marketing strategy, then build websites that actually help their business thrive.

I run an independent marketing firm. I am in regular need of a graphic designer who can take clear direction, often without meeting a client, and give visual expression to a brand or enhance the design of communication materials. Brian is outstanding. Quick, responsive, organized, and energetic, he dives right into a new project and quickly grasps the visual essence of what needs to be done. I usually have some starting visual ideas but, without fail, Brian takes them and comes up with some creative twist that brings the idea to the finish line. He is also tireless. A job with Brian is done when the client is thrilled. I love that. I strongly recommend Brian and his work.

Neal Tew - Brandstrength Marketing
Neal Tew - Brandstrength


I started a new business and needed a website that was unique and would stand out. I talked with Brian (@squareknot) and his process helped easily identify the style I was after and his design, including caricatures, brought my idea to life. He is very creative and goes above and beyond to do his best. I would recommend Brian strongly for your design needs! 

Cassie Egli - S4 Marketing

Cassie Egli - Straight4Ward Marketing

We’re here to help your business get unstuck.

Many businesses feel stuck with websites that aren’t translating to sales. At Squareknot Marketing, we build beautiful, engaging sites that move customers to action.


We know you want to be confident and successful in your business. In order to do that, you need marketing that actually translates to more customers. The problem is you have a website (maybe even a good-looking one) that isn’t translating into sales, which makes you feel stuck, lost, and frustrated.

We believe your website should be your best employee. We care about good websites and we care about you. We get how frustrating it can be to hit a wall with your business — to know something is wrong but not know what. That’s why we’ve used 15+ years of marketing experience and a proven marketing framework to build hundreds of highly engaging websites.

When you communicate the value of your products and services in a way that consumers understand, it’s much easier to convert browsers to buyers. Get that right, and poof! Suddenly
your website works for you, not the other way around.

So, schedule a meeting here.

In the meantime, DOWNLOAD “5 Surprising Website
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instead unleash a highly engaging website that will grow your business.

Don’t waste another day with a website that doesn’t deliver results.

With a high-performing website from Squareknot, you can move customers to take action, win in the marketplace, and create a sustainable company that supports you and your family for the long term.

What a delight it was working with Brian (@squareknot) to create my website! When we started, all I had was my business name and the copy I wanted on the site. He guided me so easily through the process of choosing a color palette, creating a logo, choosing fonts, and coming up with a cohesive look for my website (and brand as a whole!). He added so many creative, thoughtful little details and definitely knows his stuff when it comes to creating an effective, professional website. I loved his creative mind and would absolutely work with him again! His big heart was a huge plus, too.

Rachel Zurer - Magic Words Marketing

Rachel Zurer - Magic Words Marketing

Website Portfolio samples

Brian did an amazing job of helping me update a client’s WordPress homepage. I had written the Storybrand copy, and he brought the page to life (literally!) with artistic elements, illustration, and blocks that move, all in a responsive design. He was very easy to work with on email and Slack, reasonably priced, and we are VERY pleased with the work. Especially for someone like me who is not talented in the “visual” realm, Brian is exactly the partner I need for projects like this one.

Casey Arendt - Be Traffic Ready

Casey Arendt - Be Traffic Ready

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