Knowles Gallant Timmons

Knowles Gallant Timmons

Prior to forming Knowles Gallant Timmons, Ramsey Knowles, Jon Gallant, and Chris Timmons were leading attorneys at Atlanta’s largest and most sophisticated law firms. The skill and commitment to excellence ingrained by those firms ensures that each KGT client receives elite legal representation in addition to the benefits of working with a smaller firm.

Teen Challenge (MidSouth)

Teen Challenge (MidSouth)

Adult & Teen Challenge (MidSouth)
(Chattanooga, TN) is a faith-based substance-abuse recovery program whose mission is to provide adults (18-50) freedom from addiction and other life-controlling issues. To help people to grow and mature and decide what they want for the future, making positive changes in their lives.


EdgeM8 (Edge Computing)

EdgeM8 helps companies get closer to their Customers, their Employees, and their Data. EdgeM8 has relationships with over 200 suppliers that cover a variety of solutions that help make this all possible.

Hindsite Software - Coaching Services

Hindsite Coaching

HindSite Business Coaching solutions brand promise: “Run your business like a well-oiled machine.” Work smarter not harder. Systems proven to give you the freedom to work less, sell more, and create long-term business value.



Pedal’Nooga is a Social Bike Tour business located in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Catering to family-friendly destinations, Pedal’Nooga is the FUN way to experience the Scenic City.

School Sports Mascot

School Sports Mascot

Skyuka Hall (Timberwolves) sports program needed a new mascot to be developed. The mascot design had to be distinctive and easy to incorporate with the newly developed color scheme and other initial branding elements. Subcontract work done for MayCreate

Teen Student Conference

ENCOUNTER Student Conferences are entry point events for teenage students that happen twice a year. The two events during the year are separate but needed to share a cohesive branded look but also be distinct from each other.

Lion In Winter

The Lion in Winter

A fun opportunity to support local theater. Lion in Winter is a classic play production rife with complex characters navigating diverse motivations and alliances, set in a particularly tumultuous, politically-charged time period of England’s monarchy. A modern design interpretation with a nod to tradition.

S4 Straight4ward Marketing

(S4) Straight4ward Marketing

S4 (Straight4ward Marketing) is a startup marketing firm based out of Ohio. The firm’s focus is clear messaging. Using proven (Business Made Simple) frameworks the agency crafts compelling marketing messaging for their clients.

Magic Words Marketing - logo

Magic Words Marketing

Magic Words Marketing (Boulder, Colorado) is a new marketing agency with lots of talent and energy. “Words to Grow Your Business & Impact” is their focus. They offer messaging strategy, copywriting, and business coaching services. They are also fluent in Storybrand and Business Made Simple marketing frameworks.

Squareknot Marketing - logo